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Do you want to be more effective and successful in your current role? 


Vivian's experience and coaching will help you Navigate through any organization and hone skills that will help you Take Control of your Career and become a more Strategic Leader!


Vivian Ciampi, PCC,

Communications, Leadership and

Career Navigation Coach

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Redefining Executive Coaching

Vivian Ciampi leverages her 25+ year background as a Vice President and business leader at Travelers Property Casualty and JP Morgan Chase. In the midst of globalization and massive technological changes, she has helped hundreds of professionals from all over the world as Principal of Professional Coaching and as a coach and facilitator at the Harvard Business School. Her coaching philosophy abandons the typical executive coaching template and offers a customized solution to her clients that speak to their individual situations and challenges.  

How Do You Like Your Coffee?

If people prefer something as simple as coffee their own unique way, it is only natural that something as complex as communication would be individually tailored as well. But imagine having a creamer that everyone liked! Imagine being able to work smarter and more efficiently, ultimately achieving success faster and regaining balance in your life.

One of Vivian's primary areas of focus in her coaching practice is effective communication. To this end, getting clients to become masterful "universal translators" is key to success in any organization. This is simply the ability to step outside your core competency or comfort zone and speak clearly to anyone you interact with. 

As Colin Powell said, “Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate and doubt to offer a solution everybody can understand.” 

This skill is a key trademark of Vivian's coaching and something that all clients will master throughout their engagement. This advanced skill leaves all clients feeling so much more effective and in control of their careers and able to accomplish so much more than they ever thought possible.

You Need A Universal Translator

“Vivian has provided me with the foundation and thought processes on how to improve my leadership skills, communication and overall executive presence.” 

- Thomas Scalera, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, ITT Corporation

Learning the skills 

to communicate in ambiguous

situations effectively will position

you to excel where others find difficulty moving forward without clear direction.

Most people think in terms of black and white, right or left, but what happens when you miss opportunities because you're not sure where to focus, or its hard to find a proactive approach to a challenge?


Most schools teach students the black and white technical details to prepare them for the workplace. However, the reality is that no organization is black and white or straight forward...It's always Grey. The road to success or even survival is never clear cut. It is challenging, and there are many obstacles to navigate through.


Vivian helps individuals in any organization proactively cut through this ambiguity, emerge much more strategic and hence, successful. Her coaching will not only make you a better communicator, but her customized hands on teaching will give you the tools to become a more strategic leader as well.



“Vivian is a seasoned professional who was extremely helpful to me as I transitioned to a new role within my company. She skillfully guides, using her knowledge and insight as to what makes leaders of organizations successful, and she was an invaluable resource who helped me to identify and focus on specific areas of strategic importance to the company. I highly recommend Vivian to any individual interested in maximizing his or her leadership potential.”

- Elizabeth Heck, Chairman, Greater New York Insurance Group

If you or your teams want to communicate better and become more strategic leaders, click here to get information on Strategic Coaching now! Your organization will transform beyond what you thought was possible.

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