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Executive Coaching

Dynamic Group Coaching

Customized program tailored to the mid level leader, C suite executive or professional trying to transition to a new role or optimize performance in their existing role.  This unique coaching experience leverages Vivian's coaching expertise and tenure as a leader in Corporate America.  Developing effective communication and leadership strategies are typical coaching opportunities that most leaders face and Vivian's expertise.  


The coaching is aimed at helping professionals navigate through any organization with speed and dexterity to help them achieve success faster. The typical coaching engagement lasts for six months and is focused on leveraging the client's strengths and overcoming any blind spots.  Effective communication, brand awareness/ development, and strategic leadership are always key topics, but the program will be completely customized to the client.

Experiential coaching program, for up to six participants, which focuses on ONE high-leverage skill to develop and improve upon during the program.  This is a great opportunity for clients to encourage the sharing of best practices among a professional group, onboard employees or facilitate team dynamics.

Interactive Workshops

Career Coaching

An Individual Coaching program designed for those looking to re-enter the workforce after an extended time off, OR professionals interested in pursuing a different career.

High-Impact workshops aimed at raising the “GPA” of an entire team.  These workshops are focussed on customized leadership challenges for the group.  Companies can chose from a library of leadership material, which Vivian regularly delivers to groups, including group-interactive sessions and relevant lessons to improve individual and group performance.


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