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Vivian Ciampi

Professional Certified Coach


Do you want to be more effective and successful in your current role? 
Vivian's experience and coaching will help you Navigate through any organization and hone skills that will help you Take Control of your Career and become a more Strategic Leader!



Redefining Executive Coaching

Vivian Ciampi leverages her 25+ year background as a Vice President and business leader at JP Morgan Chase and Travelers Property Casualty. In the midst of globalization and massive technological changes, she has helped hundreds of professionals from all over the world as Principal of Professional Coaching and as a coach and facilitator at the Harvard Business School. Her coaching philosophy abandons the typical executive coaching template and offers a customized solution to her clients that speak to their individual situations and challenges.

From C-suite executive, to entry-level employees and everything in between, Vivian is transforming the way people work, lead, and succeed. 


In navigating my transition from administrator in higher education to writer and consultant for nonprofits, I could not have had a more professional or more effective coach than Vivian.  With just the right balance of validation and challenge, she encouraged me to rediscover and refine my skills as a communicator, an entrepreneur, and a leader.  Thanks to Vivian’s coaching, this phase of my career is even more creative and fulfilling than I had hoped it would be.

Suzanne Solensky

First Gen Yale University Graduate
Non-Profit Director

Working with Vivian as a coach was one of the best things I have done for my professional and personal growth.  Throughout our sessions, I grew tremendously, not only as a leader but as a better communicator.

I gained the skills and confidence to navigate a dynamic working environment and now approach situations much differently because of the tools I was given.  This progression has made me more effective, productive, and successful.  Vivian’s commitment to my progress was evident in every interaction, and she always remains available whenever I need advice.  I honestly would not be where I am today without her coaching, and I am forever fortunate that our paths crossed.

Steven L. Belmont, DNP, CRNA, APRN, CFII

Assistant Professor of the Practice

Assistant Program Director, Nurse Anesthesia Program

You Need A Universal Translator

One of Vivian's primary areas of focus in her coaching practice is effective communication. To this end, getting clients to become masterful "universal translators" is key to success in any organization. This is simply the ability to step outside your core competency or comfort zone and speak clearly to anyone you interact with; a hallmark of a successful leader in any realm. 

As Colin Powell said, “Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate and doubt to offer a solution everybody can understand.” 

Clear communication among cross-functional teams can be a challenge, yet it is imperative to success. After your coaching experience with Vivian, you will find yourself with effective tools to listen to your audience and tailor your communication to their unique needs. Vivian holds the philosophy that when one becomes a universal translator, they can speak with, collaborate with, and lead anyone they encounter.

This skill is a key trademark of Vivian's coaching and something that all clients will master throughout their engagement. This advanced skill leaves all clients feeling so much more effective and in control of their careers and able to accomplish so much more than they ever thought possible.

Man Signing
Colleagues in Meeting


Most people think in terms of black and white, right or left, but what happens when you miss opportunities because you're not sure where to focus, or it's hard to find a proactive approach to a challenge?

Most schools teach students the black and white technical details to prepare them for the workplace. However, the reality is that no organization is black and white or straight forward...It's always Grey. It is in this grey area that many people can start to feel unclear or even frustrated in their role. The road to success or even survival is never clear cut. It is challenging, and there are many obstacles to navigate through. 

Vivian helps individuals in any organization proactively cut through this ambiguity, emerge much more strategic and hence, successful. Her coaching will not only make you a better communicator, but her customized hands-on teaching will give you the tools to become a more strategic leader as well.

Let’s face it. The grey is an inevitable aspect of both work and life. Since it is a part of the process, why not become a master at navigating through it? Once an individual learns the skills necessary to thrive through uncertainty they will be opened to experiences, people, and successes they never even knew were there.

Keep It To A Coffee Size Cup…..

Do you ever find yourself struggling to get ideas across to your team? People can only absorb so much! Vivian offers this simple, yet powerful tip to add to your mental toolbox: don’t overflow the other person’s coffee cup. With meetings and calls making up to 90% of our work days, it is easy for an organization to feel like they are lacking cohesion and clarity. Sometimes the simplest of ideas are lost in conversation. When speaking and collaborating, present your information in a “coffee cup” size. When we overflow, our message becomes diluted and lost in translation.

Can you imagine a workday in which you and your organization were continuously on the same page? A day where people within any division or function could collaborate and achieve powerful results. Vivian’s coaching services will be sure to get you, and your team, there.

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